good pop-top vs a bad one

Here in Denver adding a second story to a home is a great way to add space to your existing home.  Yes is there is a “but” coming, keep in mind there is a good way and a bad way to do that.  Creating an addition without making it look like you just slapped a second story really comes down to choosing a good architect who understands the existing architecture and creating a seamless transition between the two.  Bigger is not always better.  Smaller spaces can be really efficient and beautiful.  I don’t think we need huge master suites and formal dining rooms that never get used.  Think of the way you live.  How much time do you spend in you bedroom, basement or bath?  Compared to how much you spend in your office or your kitchen.  How often does everyone end up in your kitchen compared to the living room when you entertain.  Below are a some images of what I think are good add ons and bad ones.  I’ll profile some interiors next time.  Happy Weekend!

Here's a classic case of way to much going on. I'm all for some dimension but this one confuses me.

This has potential but the proportion of the window on the second floor is off compared to the french doors.

Here is a classic slap in addition. It could be saved with a uniform paint color and maybe some shutters or window boxes

It looks like this house has a growth on the back of it. Not sure you could save this one.

Perfect! The roof lines are all the same. There is some dimension.

I'm slightly partial to this one as it was a home I worked on. We kept the original porch and matched the roofline. Then kept it simple with a solid color and bright white trim.

They did such a great job on this one. I love the trim detail and the statement the entrance makes. You would never know this is an add on.

This one sits right next to the one above. It find it architecturally interesting but I would paint it one color otherwise the different textures makes it look so chopped up.


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