designer envy

I love Sarah Richardson.  She has my dream life.  We do similar things but she has a tv show.  I’d love a tv show.  So a few weeks ago the second season of her show “Sarah’s House” started.  The show follows her through the process of buying a home renovating it and selling it.  This season she is doing a mid century mod house. (Something I’m dying to do!!)   She keeps it light bright and not overly mod.  Below are some after picutres, you have to tune into the show to see  the before. You will not be disappointed.  Happy Weekend!

the living room

Check out the piece of glass that separates the foyer and the living room

The prints are beautiful. Great impact on the wall with color and but not overwhelming

I love the table base

Check out the pink water cups

I love the shock of color on the headboard

Look at all that pattern. It's crazy but it works

Those look like plates she had framed. Great idea!!

the mbr bath

The color is dreamy. I mayhave to think abou this one for my master

The vinatage phone and the pillow fabric cut on the diagonal are great touches

All images compliments of Sarah Richardson’s website

2 Responses to “designer envy”

  1. linds Says:

    i NEED that lamp, actually a pair would do in my family room. seriously, did you design that house?!?

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