before and after

Welcome to the laundroffice.(say it with a french accent and it sounds better)  Yes that’s an office/laundry room.  When we bought this house there wasn’t a laundry room.  So I have temporarily set up shop in my office.  Eventually this room will become a master closet and bath.  But for now it’s a laundroffice which actually works out quite well as I do spend a lot of my time working and doing loads of laundry.  Six loads today so far!!  I also enlisted the help of Katie Beugg of Just Ask Katie, a company that specializes in personal assistant and organizing services.   She is crucial in getting me organized.  From files to fax paper she found a place for everything.  She is fabulous!!  email her:


check out the mess of boxes in the corner!

and now the after…

Ahhh. I am way more productive now. Brighter and organized. I made the message board on the wall this afternoon.

That armoire stores everything! I use the old dining table as a place to meet with clients and layout design ideas

Even the inside is organized. Thank you Katie!

I put pictures of my work in frames. The desk, a hollow core door from Home Depot ($22) and the legs are frames from Urban Outfitters($19.95 each). There's even enough room for two!

The hooks are from Cost Plus. I'm still trying to find a cost effect way to conceal the washer/dryer.


One Response to “before and after”

  1. Katie Beugg Says:

    Look at that new and improved laundroffice- BEEEautiful, Meeegan!!!! Nice work on constructing that message board yourself and getting it hung so quickly- muy impressive! So clever you are…

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