top lamps of the week

Lamps are a great way to transform your room.  The light that a lamp cast is much more flattering than harsh overheads. They can be bold in color or an interesting shape.   Home Goods always has a great selection at reasonable prices.  Find a basic one and add a fun shade from Anthropologie.  There are so many options.  Here are my top lamp finds this week.

Tripod standing lamp from Wisteria

Pair of Faux Bamboo from Circa who

Green Harmony Lamp from Gumps

Miguel lamp from Straydog Designs

Modern Batik lamp from Shades of Light

Horse Lamps from Tonic Home

Teacup lamp and Gracie shade from Pottery Barn kids

Cameo Lamp from Burke Decor

Bong Lamp Stool from Exclusively Home

I think is this hilarious and fun! Perfect for an outdoor patio

Colored glass lamp from

Glass Bell Lamp from West Elm


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