not too girly

I’ve decided that one of my daughter’s room needs and overhaul.  The tired old guest room bedding has got to go! Here’s the catch the room needs to double as a guest room and it can’t be to over the top girly so a man would feel comfortable staying in there. Stay tuned I show you how it turns out.  Happy weekend!

I’m crazy about turquoise/aqua right now especially paired with lime green. I think it’s fun and not too feminine. This room was a great inspiration from House Beautiful

The turquoise covered headboard with white sheets is lovely!

These Peacock Alley sheets trimmed in Aqua are from One Kings Lane

This Sparkle Chandelier would work over the dressing table/desk from Pottery Barn Teen

This woven rug would work to keep it neutral from Dash and Albert

I love a pair of these for either side of the bed from Shades of Light

This fabric would be perfect for a pillow on chair from Lewis & Sheron

Here's the fabric for the chair from Staceage

This fabric would be great as a little splash of color on a long bolster pillow on the bed from Anne Selke

It is still a kids room so I love the pink bear from Henry Road

Every girl needs a mirror, this one adds some whimsy to the room from Straydog Designs

The walls are a crisp white. I love this painting to bring in some motion and color. Sarah Giannoble on Etsy


One Response to “not too girly”

  1. Debs Says:

    Those bears are so incredibly cute and fun!

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