beautiful baths

I’ve got two bathroom projects coming up and so I have been looking for some inspiration.  One is very small and I want to have some real impact with out being to busy. The other is a larger bath that needs to be calm and serene.  Both need to stand the test of time.  There’s nothing worse then renovating and having it look dated in 5 years.  Keep you trends to items that can be easily switched out for the next fad.  Also keep in my the period and style of your home.

We all know I'm a fan of the horizontal stripe, I especially love it in tile!

Great idea to wrap the countertop surface right up the wall and the rustic floors.

Painting the ceiling and a fun floor is exactly what I had in mind for the smaller bath

This is clean, simple and timeless.

Using a piece of furniture as your sink base is much more interesting than a traditional cabinet.

How fabulous is this! A bright yellow barn door certainly sets the tone for this room. Using an alternative to the traditional door is a great way to set your bath apart.

I love the different mirrors and painted sink surface.

This floor is dreamy! I'm a big fan of the herringbone pattern it's timeless

I think the skirted sink is a great way to add color to a bath and you can easily switch it out when you tire of the pattern

Images from Living Ect, Canadian House & Home, Canadian House &Home, Pheobe Howard, Pheobe Howard, Southern Living, Black and Spiro Isuwannee, Isuwannee


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