before and after

This week I’m featuring a kitchen in the Denver area.  This kitchen was not a total gut  and redo in fact quite the opposite.  Most of the cabinets stayed and were repainted.  We reused the old hardware to save for splurges in other areas.  This kitchen was functional before it had most things you would expect but it needed to be updated.  The old uba tuba granite counters were switched out for a sleek honed black on the perimeter and timeless carrera on the island.  The appliances were updated and rearranged.  The biggest difference was the island.  The old one was cluttered with a cook top and only seated two.  The new one is a large work space, has seating for four and tons of storage.  The owners are excited  to show their cooking skills while their guests relax and enjoy!  This kitchen was also made possible with the help of contractor Brad Gunlock. Gunlock Homes does a great job of bringing my ideas to life on time and on budget.

Before: the kitchen had a dated counter and appliances and giant fridge that stuck out into the room


We placed the new range/oven combo where the fridge used to be so it could be vented directly outside

After: sorry for the dark pictures!!

A european style refrigerator is taller and slimmer than a normal sized one was a great use of space. Gunlock Homes created a custom surround to give it that built-in look.

The island houses lots of drawers, a trash/recycling bin and a tucked away microwave

The island is functional and beautiful with bookcases and tons of room for prep work or platters!

A chef's range and simple backsplash finish off the look

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  1. ruthie Says:

    oooo love the kitchen. can’t wait to see it in person:) it looks so much bigger (at least from the pics).

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