tuesday’s find

I was running around yesterday and finally went into this cute shop on Main Street in Littleton that I’ve driven by a hundred times before.  Tres Jolie is a treasure trove of goodies!  They have a beautiful displays of colorful candies filled in glass jars, unique papers, funky chandeliers, luxurious linens and unique accessories.  The shop also doubles as a cafe  featuring a long, long list of tea, small sandwiches, chocolates, pastries, cookies, champagne and wine.  The perfect place to meet a girlfriend.  I’ll be taking my girls back for a cookie!

One of the items I was most taken by in the shop were the lamps they had from Straydog designs.  I have written about Straydog before but I got to see these up close and personal.  They are fun in design and whimsical in color.  They are made of papermache and hand painted by artisans in Haiti.  A must see next time you are in Littleton!!


The Sarah Lamp in pink $475

The Sarah Lamp in Aqua $475


Lot's of color options. How about black with a pink shade.

Then throw this pillow on the bed or sofa from Tres jolie $154

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