before and after

I’ve channeled Martha Stewart once again and taken on a facelift project in my house.  I had this dresser that I used to use as a changing table/storage for the girls but now it’s used for all my t’s and small stuff now that my closet is no longer of the walk-in kind.  (Oh one day I’ll have the closet all girls dream of).  So first the dresser got a fresh coat of basic white.  Then I used electrical tape in a criss-cross pattern on the fronts of the drawers.  Then a two coats of grey flat paint on top.  Finally peel back the tape and voila!  A whole new look. I peeled the tape off while it was still a little wet as I wanted the edges to be a little jagged.  I also tried like crazy to line everything up but it kept becoming a little off.  I still like the overall finished look a little quirky!  I’m also looking for some fun knobs.  Enjoy!



After- Ha! I need to change the fabric on the seat of the chair now a little repetative.

I also spied another harlequin pattern DIY project on one of my favorite blogs Little Green Notebook.  Jenny used Japanese masking tape to create the pattern.  No paint on this one!  Click on the link above for more details.  Great idea!

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