A home can come in various shapes, sizes and prices.  I love to peruse the New York Times online section Great Homes and Destinations.  You can check out places for sale all over the world.  My favorite spot is where they profile three different home in a certain price range.  It really opens my eyes to how much a property can vary depending on it the city.  Happy weekend!

I’m blown away that you can still buy something for $190K and it’s not a studio! Here a few homes around the country.

This two bedroom cottage is located in Camas, Washington. All I need is some wellies and a vintage bike with a basket. I looks so quaint and simple.

the 1925 home is still brimming with original charm, it needs to be lightened up but the raw materials are there. I'd probably paint out the walls and tone down the ceiling with a wash. Let there be light!

Ah! How cute it this kitchen. The glass cabinet fronts and exposed brick are so lovely. I would drop a new sink with more vintage faucet, a butcher block counter to bring that warm wood tone into the kitchen and some new cabinet pulls.

This three bedroom pueblo home is located in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Here I think I need a big straw hat, khakis and an easel a la Georgia O'Keeffe

So this kitchen needs a little more work but at $189K. you should have a little left over. Paint out the base cabinets in a soft cream. Then open shelves above to display all your colorful pottery, dinnerware and glasses

Doesn't this look relaxing. I can totally picture an alfresco dinner with friends on this terrace. I love the set up maybe just switch out the cushions for something creamy with vibrant throw pillows

Sign me up or this 1903 home in Champaign, Illinois. Can't you me in a sundress, cardigan, sipping lemonade in a rocking chair on the front porch. Oh and my girls are running around the yard. Ahh so simple

Yikes! Carpet gone, wallpaper gone, levelor blinds gone, chandelier gone. Think soft blues, a pine table with a bench on one side. A vintage sideboard with lamps to soften the light. That wall may need to go and open up into the kitchen. Create a place to gather with your family and have dinner or play cards. Comfy and livable.

You can see why the wall needs to go. It kind of looks like the stairs to the second floor may run in between the two rooms but nothing you couldn't work around. I'd keep this room simple create a single color palette throughout the first floor. Keep it vintage too. Honoring the style of the home.

Images via NY Times online


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