tuesday’s find

If your home needs a spring pick me up I have just the place to find home accents for all price ranges.  The Lark is located in 4th Avenue just east of Downing and is packed with all sorts of goodies that will certainly bring your home out of its winter doldrums.   The owners have a great eye or classic well made items that will stand the test of time.  Their lamps are true treasures and stunning collection of silver and glass.  This is my first stop when it comes to gifts for weddings, birthdays and showers, there is something for everyone.  They wrap everything so beautifully and ship gifts all over the country.

First I spotted this green print table topper($56). I love to layer table cloths and this is the perfect green to add a little zing!

close up

This one is full of color and it would compliment so many color schemes. ($175)


I'm crazy about these votives($26). The gold mercury glass was so pretty. Perfect for a dinner party or just a great accent accessory

This floral tray would be perfect on your coffee table!($24)

There were a few of these white birds I just love them in a bookcase or on your beside table to remind you of spring.($18)

They also had little boxwood accents all over the place. I love boxwood, it's green you don't need to water it and it doesn't look like cheesy silk plants.

Small and Large boxwood trees

This is a boxwood ball was in the most beautiful blue and white bowl. Simple and elegant. ($110 blue bowl)

Small and large boxwood wreaths. Perfect to layer on a mirror. ($29 large, $24 small)

These are matchsticks in a box. I love to put them next to my candles they are decorative and useful. ($4)

This lamp is gorgeous. I know I talk about getting inexpensive lamps from Home Goods but these are truly and investment that are worth it. The Larks lamps are timeless items that you can pass on for generations. ($298)

I think the patina on this was perfect. Obviously a planter would be good use but it could be lovely wastebasket too. ($50)

This tray was so pretty a perfect shower gift for a spring bride or serving something sunday brunch. ($60)


I also love this accent tray table.


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