before and after

This is a brilliant kitchen redo from Lauren Liess over at Pure Style Home.  She did a great job working with the existing cabinets and appliances.  Totally transforming the space with paint,  bargain treasures and vintage touches.  This kitchen is an excellent example of not needing to start from scratch when you are handed a dated space.  Be creative and stick within your budget and use everyday materials in different way.  Check out Pure Style Home for more transformation pictures of her 70’s split level redo.

kitchen before: keep your eye on the ceiling here. it's feels low and the upper cabinets seem short and awkward

Removing the upper cabinets is such a smart move. It opens up the kitchen allowing space to display all sorts treasures


Yes they painted the fridge with chalkboard paint such a fun idea! The dishwasher got a coat too same as the cabinets, it all just blends.

the kitchen nook before

The wallpaper was a clearance find, the chairs from a thrift store and the table is a reproduction. Smart shopping!


3 Responses to “before and after”

  1. The Handyguys Says:

    looks nice! We couldnt get away with open shelves cause we have too much random junk and miss matched dishes to hide.

    • mstreetdenver Says:

      I guess that could be your opportunity to toss/donate what doesn’t work and revamp your current supply. I think a lot of pattern could work just buy a couple key pieces that tie it all together!


    This was a great DIY…i like when you are left with your mouth open …that is how different this kitchen looks!

    Jen Ramos
    ‘Cards & Prints You’ll Love…’

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