emerald isle

I know I’m a day late for the irish theme but I was just captivated by by these beautiful homes in Ireland.  It makes me want to pack my bags and head for the greenest place on earth.  I’ve never been there before but I need to go soon.  Enjoy!

This place is amazing, so amazing it has a name, Duncarrig.  This Victorian Gothic home has a waterfront location in Kinsale in County of Cork.  Sign me up!

Set on the cliffs of the bay it has a fishing platform, dock and secluded beach.

There are endless windows in this home allowing sun to poor in...provided it's a sunny day

Who couldn't wake up to this every morning!

This kitchen is well-appointed and it has a wonderful cozy and casual feel with the dining table right in the center.

Note the herringbone floors, fabulous!

If it’s a little more of a city feel you crave our next stop takes us to Dublin.  This villa is located on Albert Road and has endless amounts of upgrades.  The period style exterior is a just a facade to the modern interior.  Fully renovated including a glass cube addition.

I love the gravel driveway and simple landscaping.

The oversized lamps are sleek and beautiful giving accentuating the height of the room

I think I might live in this room

If it’s a secluded getaway you desire we are off to Archill Island in County of Mayo.  The Glor na Mara cottage is the ideal setting to paint, write or just relax.  It was designed and built by  famous architect in 2000 but you would never know considering it rustic appeal.

I'll be dragging my giant down comforter with me to this one. {That bed looks a little to rustic for me. ha!

Speaking of rustic. Hopefully town is nearby I may need to order out. Not that I cook. Does boiling water count?

Ah yes but this is your sunset

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