make it masculine

I love this manly room scheme.  Maybe one day I’ll give my husband the room he has always wanted.  If I do this is what I will “allow” it to look like. For now he is stuck in my white slipcovered tower.  Ha ha!  Happy weekend.

The leather Chesterfield. I know this is predictable but its a staple and totally gorgeous!

Warm up the walls with grasscloth

Linen drapes like this...

trim like this

I love this storage piece. For all the complaining men do about how much "stuff" ladies have they too are guilty of piles of junk. Wouldn't this be great? A bin for biz cards, spare change, golf tees, oh the list could go on and on

this lovely, I mean outdoorsy mirror

I could only hope that this Antique rug would hide a multitude of sins in this room

Metal side tables to minimize drink rings

Some beautiful blue lamps

Faux gator shades for the lamps

George Smith ottoman perfect for putting your feet up

ottoman fabric

and finally a pair of these for watching tv

This is what I deem as an acceptable recliner. It doesn't look like a lazy boy!

Restoration Hardware sofa, Grasscloth wallpaper Linen drapes, Greek key trim, Storage Shelf, Ski Country Antiques, Cooper Glazed Mirror, Antique Rug, Industrial side table, Glazed Lamps, Lamp ShadesTufted Ottoman, Ottoman Fabric, Recliner

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