things I’m loving right now

1)Graphic rugs

This lovely Anthropologie rug in Jamie Meares LR from i suwaannee. This is great accent totally interchangeable for when you tire of it or even as the season changes. Keep the sofa neutral and have fun with the rugs!

2) Reinvented Windsor Chairs

This is such a fabulous color. You have seen this chair a million times on Craigslist you just pass it by because it's ugly pre painting. Check out the link below for more great images

3) Easy Flower Arrangements


I love to pick up a bunch of flowers, break them up and put them into to small tight little arrangements in teacups or even pretty juice glasses. Then put them all over your house. It makes them seem so much more important.

4) Unique Upholstery

I love mixing different fabrics on the seat,back and base. Keep it cohesive with color but have fun!

5) Chevron Walls

This is a great alternative to the horizontal stripe. It's a bit labor intensive but the results are stunning. See "how to" on link below

6) Flower Pins

Not just any pin these totally adorable pins from Emerson Made. How's that for adding a little spring to your wardrobe!

pics via: graphic rug, blue windsor chair, flowers, chair, chevron wall flower pin


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