before and after

This weeks’ before and after is a bargain fixer upper that seemed to come together totally by accident!  I bought this ottoman years ago from a little shop for $40.  It was great shape, size and height.  Not to mention it had great legs.  I recovered it last year with a little remnant I had hanging around.   But few weeks ago I bought a table cloth to replace the one on my skirted table in the living room.  It was a great suzani pattern from the Dwell line at Target.  I didn’t love it but I threw it on top of the ottoman and eureka!  The cutest darn ottoman refreshed for  $17.99. Come on you can’t beat that!

I totally forgot to take a pic of the before but there it is in the lower left corner. That grey square. See it?

Bam! How cute it that.

BONUS part two: Here’s another ottoman I doctored up today.

Before: I have a pair for these peach beauties. Purchased two for $60

A little leopard, a little trim. Tada!

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