love it or hate it?

Anybody catch the new 9 by design show on Bravo?  The real life drama of raising seven kids and running Sixx Design. Finally caught an episode last night and I loved it.  I think my favorite part was their accents. Ha! My husband and I had a fight over watching it about five minutes in but then I got him hooked and he stayed for the whole episode.  He just couldn’t understand how these people had all this money?? And a pink fridge and purple wallpaper for wrestler’s lounge??  I thought it was hilarious but I was shocked that the client didn’t flip out.  I’m not sure I could get  away with that.  I really think this couple is chic and hip and seemed “relatively” down to earth.  Apparently they earned their millions, yes millions, flipping houses in the New York City.  Ahh to dream.  But not sure I envy the seven children and constant moving both can take their toll on you.  And my husbands final note at the end was: “It looks like fun to have seven kids”.  My response: “Well when you make tens of millions flipping a house let me know and I may entertain the idea.”

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One Response to “love it or hate it?”

  1. Ryland Says:

    This is seriously my favorite show- it boosted my morale last year during a difficult project …LOVE them!

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