tuesdays find

Headed up to Boulder yesterday to check out a few new spots as I needed to seek out something new. Well I found a few spots you shouldn’t  miss next time you find yourself roaming the streets of Boulder. Enjoy!

1st stop: Joyful Furniture @ 2000 21st street in Boulder

The front of the store is full of newly repainted and refinished furniture in all shapes and sizes. The back is called the “diamond in the rough section”. Essentially a place you can buy “as is” or have them refinish the items as your want.  Great concept! www.joyfulfurniture.com

Cute tall boy dresser. $449

2nd stop: Feather thy Nest 1825 Pearl Street Boulder

A little consignment shop right up the street from HW Home.  Chock full of all sorts of accessories and furniture some good some bad but some good finds too.

This was a cute sideboard for $225. Perfect to paint!

This was begging to be painted too. All that detail would look so good! $445

3rd stop: 8th and Pearl Antiques 740 Pearl Street

Cute shop full of shabby chic style finds at very good prices. Wishing I had an empty car, 3 carseats ugh!

This dresser had an amazing patina! $329

This chair had real possibilities $129

Ok I'm such a sucker for a cute little chair $65

4th stop: Clutter 1909 9th street Boulder

Another consignment shop. This one had great stock in great condition. Some real steals in here  too. And I loved that these ladies were so busy running around and they still had time to warn me that the meter man was about to write me a ticket!  www.clutterconsign.com

A pair of really great bamboo nightstands. Loved them! $195 each

Wishing I had somewhere to put this. Someone has to get this! $295

My picture is not doing this demi lune side table justice So pretty! $150

and last but not least I couldn’t drive down 36 and not stop at Home Goods off of Church Ranch Road

Sorry another terrible pic but the loveseat is so fun! Perfect for a spot with occasional use. $500

This leather chair with great nailhead trim. $199. An office chair...

Ahh finally something new. Pretty blue lamps with decent shades $49.99


2 Responses to “tuesdays find”

  1. Theo Byron Says:

    That is a nice short trip version of the Boulder thrifty loop. I tend to drop to the basement of HospiceCare & Humane Society. Many more for the long trip…

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