before and after

I LOVE this DIY project of turning a simple votive into something fabulous. I found it on Deliciously Organized, checkout the DIY section for many other good ideas!  So break out your crafty skills and get busy this weekend. Enjoy!

Mercury Glass how to: I’m going to start with the finish project so you see where I’m going.

Step 1:  The materials

Get yourself some glass votives, vases, glasses, anything glass would work. But I would start small till you get comfortable with the materials. Micheals, Home Goods and Target are good sources.

Spray bottle and fill with water, a drug store should be your best bet.

Krylon mirror paint or silver paint was used in the below pictures and could be used but the effect would be a little different. Check here for retailers.

Paper to wrap the outside of the glass in. Newsprint should work

Step 2. The process

After you have cleaned the glass inside and out. Wrap it in some brown paper. Squirt the inside of the glass with one or two squirts of water. Then spray the spray paint lightly on the inside. Turn the glass upside down and let it dry overnight. If the spray paint is too light you can repeat the process till you have reached the desired effect. Voila! pretty little votives.  I say do a bunch of them and scatter all over the yard this summer.

this version was done with the mirror paint vs the silver paint


2 Responses to “before and after”

  1. Theo Byron Says:

    Very fun project, did you know that this same process done to the underside of a thick piece of glass makes an incredible table top or shelf.

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