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before and after

June 30, 2010

Love this dramatic office redo from CocoCozy. It’s amazing how much you can shed the light on a dungeon of a space. New drywall can work wonders just about anywhere!  Who wouldn’t want to work in this light bright space. I have been doing a little office renovating myself and I’ll reveal some pictures when I’m done. Do you have some pictures of a before and after you have done? Send me some pictures I would love to feature you on a Wednesday!

dark dark dark Before

is this the same place? I love the art arrangment

I also think the pink pig is hilarious

The simple desk is a great feature as well.

tuesday’s find

June 29, 2010

Some more goodies I spied via catalog shopping this weekend

Can you believe this sconce! I suppose if you wait long enough someone is going to knock it off. Love this! Oh if only I had somewhere to put it. From here

I also found this parsons desk (West Elm has doing for some time) but not in my favorite color. Robins Eggs Blue. This on is from Home Decorators here for $199!

they also have this amazing sideboard here. $549

instant room via Ballard

June 28, 2010

So easy to pull a chic room together via Ballard Designs these days. They have got some great items at great prices. Here are the basics for less than $4500 than accessorize with your family heirlooms and vintage finds to make it less “new” looking.

I love this Sophia settee in the chocolate brown $1159

Keep is neutral and fun with this Leopard Belgique rug $229 in 8x10

The Olivia side table ($139) is perfect for one end of the settee

Put this lamp next to the table and your done! Berkley floor lamp $239

This pretty wing chair would be perfect at one of the sofa. Dustan wing chair $1099

Love this round skirted table for $149.00

Top the table with this Gevaudan Table lamp $199

Love this tufted chair to finish off the other end of the sofa. Julia chair $987

Designer Envy

June 25, 2010

There is something about Tom Scheerer that makes me what sing! I love his electic mix of fabrics, furnishings and accessories. Everything looks like it was done with complete ease. Not to mention all of his spaces look totally livable. I love that. Enjoys some of my favorites hope you are inspired. Happy Weekend!

I love the floating vanity in this room and the wood element is fun and unexpected

I love the mirrors and floating shelves in this one.

Great pop with the red railing.

I'm crazy! about the tile backsplash. Taken right up the entire wall great impact

I've had this picture in my files forever. It's simple and pretty.

Great lamp, adds some humor!

Wow the color...need I say more

There are so many things I love about this picture. On of my favs is how the art is grouped above the sofa

More floating shelves. It creates a display area and purpose without being too heavy

Another on of my favorites things is a sofa pulled up to a dining table

The rug is amazing!

Great colors in the kitchen

a little green for your indoors

June 24, 2010

If you missed me on Everyday yesterday AM heres a link to watch the clip. How to create a terrarium I’ve also included a more in-depth tutorial on how to make your own terrariums at home.

1. Pick a container

Glass works well. But any shape and size are acceptable. Lids are better for ferns or moisture loving plants. For succulents and cactus an open containers are best.  You can find these at places like Michael’s, Home Goods or even you local antique shop.

These pretty ones are from Pottery Barn

2. Creating a drainage base.

Next you want to put a layer of gravel/rocks. This you can find at any local garden store. It should be about an inch for larger containers and adjust accordingly for smaller ones.

3. Preparing and Layering in the soil.

Take potting soil and mix it with about a 1/3rd parts garden charcoal. The garden charcoal acts as a filter to pull out any impurities in the soil. Next water the soil prior to adding it to your container. Mix it with your hands to make sure it is fully saturated its messy but it’s fun! Now your are ready to add the soil to the container.  Layer in about a 1/3rd of the way up.

4. Picking an arranging the plants

There are no real rules as to what plants you should use. I’ve been experimenting with different kinds but ferns, angel vine, and moss work best and love the moisture filled environment. Cactus and succulents work well too but make sure you use a sand based potting mix as then won’t like all that H2O. Link to a list of plants here Pull the plants from their containers and break up the roots at the bottom, this will stimulate growth in their new home. Then place them in the soil and lightly pack it down.  When arranging them pick a focal plant. It should be taller than the rest and it will be the centerpiece of the container. Next layer in the lower lying plants and then a ground cover like moss works best.  The lower lying plants will help the soil retain its moisture. Vary the colors of all the plants to keep it interesting.

5. Add objects for fun.

I love to add sea shells, spotted eggs, even little plastic dinos work great for kids! Have fun with this one.

6. Maintaining your terrarium.

Water every week or so. Check the soil first to see how dried out it is. When you are adding water do so slowly so your water doesn’t go straight to the bottom.  You can even use a spray bottle and spray the sides of the glass so it drips into the soil.  Don’t put our containers into direct sunlight either the glass will “cook” the plants.

image via Design Sponge

image via ohdeedoh

image via Vivaterra

image via gardenweb

image via designers library