what would you want?

Ok peeps. I’m showing you some of my favorite kitchens here. White, glass and marble has to be my dream ktichen almost always. Unless I were to have a cabin in the woods? Maybe stainless steel and butcher block? Or a lofty space should always be concrete and black just to add a little glamour. What your dream kitchen be?

Hello lofty. Could you die over those floors, beams and windows ? Sometimes no kids and a loft sound soo good.

White, White , white, white, white! love it. I really do love how the stove is framed between the two windows

How chic is this!

This little nook of the kitchen is so sweet and timeless

Could you do the blue? I love it but you have to be bold to pull this off and not really care about resale.

Ok so this is a really fancy farm kitchen but I love the warmth of the counters paired with the ceilings

How about a cabinet with a window on the side. Great way to let in light! Love the floors.

What's not to love about this. The lights, the floor, the island cabinets. Perfect

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3 Responses to “what would you want?”

  1. Alison Says:

    I Love Love the high ceilings and the open space in that farm kitchen. Very calming~

    I also love your blog Megan – so many great ideas!

  2. ex neighbor Says:

    Awesome 5280 article (great for you!). Love the blog. Where do you find the time????? Went to Elm St in Cherry Creek. Lesli found incredible chandelier, rectangle shape, made of translucent sea shells for spec duplex side. Thanks for the tip!

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