tuesday’s find

I’ve never been a purple girl but as we get older I suppose we get wiser ha! I found this incredible silk stripe today at the Design Center today with the prettiest purple and green hues. I couldn’t resist putting together a little fabric scheme. I think this ensemble would be so pretty for a single gal’s apartment but also could work for a sophisticated woman’s study. I’m not sure there are many men that would enjoy all this purple but you never know!

I loved loved loved the silk stripe. It comes of the bolt vertically but I would run it horizontally to modernize it a bit. The floral would be a perfect on a club chair

I grabbed a creamy quilted fabric that would be perfect on a sofa and do a contrast welt in the green that had a little metallic thread woven through it. So pretty!!

I also found these at Tuesday Morning. I love them but I’m not sure they totally work I thin I have to hang them up first. My husband said they were cool if was 1972. What do men know!

One Response to “tuesday’s find”

  1. JEN RAMOS Says:

    most guys dont really know…so i know why he would think they were 70’s. My husband makes little comments like that and i just tell him to open up any home decor magazine….he may be surprised what is stylish today. :)))))

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