Designer Envy

There is something about Tom Scheerer that makes me what sing! I love his electic mix of fabrics, furnishings and accessories. Everything looks like it was done with complete ease. Not to mention all of his spaces look totally livable. I love that. Enjoys some of my favorites hope you are inspired. Happy Weekend!

I love the floating vanity in this room and the wood element is fun and unexpected

I love the mirrors and floating shelves in this one.

Great pop with the red railing.

I'm crazy! about the tile backsplash. Taken right up the entire wall great impact

I've had this picture in my files forever. It's simple and pretty.

Great lamp, adds some humor!

Wow the color...need I say more

There are so many things I love about this picture. On of my favs is how the art is grouped above the sofa

More floating shelves. It creates a display area and purpose without being too heavy

Another on of my favorites things is a sofa pulled up to a dining table

The rug is amazing!

Great colors in the kitchen

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