Art for Everyone

If you missed the Cherry Creek Arts Festival this weekend or live out-of-state I wanted to introduce you to Zatista a great online resource for original works of art. Zatista was started out of the founder’s need to fill his home with art and found a real lack of originals pieces online.  Thus the birth of an amazing online gallery with different searching options that allow you to be as exploratory or as direct as you like in your shopping style.  It makes the process fun and easy.  They also have a seven day “no hassle” return policy. They will also pay for the shipping if you decide not to keep the piece! Wow who else can say that? Prices range from $25 to $20,000. Really art for everyone. Here are a few of my favorites!

Pemba Children photograph by Jose Azel

Envy mixed media on wood by Amanda Beckmann

Orange Bird pen and ink drawing by Elizabeth Graeber

Exploding Rust photograph by Michael Wilson

Tranquility painting in oil by Charles Ivey

International Orange painting in acrylic by Denton Loomis

The Nubble Light photograph by Dave Cleaveland


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