before and after

This little white  house in Chicago’s Lincoln Square neighborhood, got a major overhaul to show off its potential as the Idea House from Midwest Living 2009. This architecture is so similar to ones all ove over the county and the layout is one we have all seen before.  Check out the link if you are considering a remodel it has great tips and ideas.



Just Charming. All the original character is there but restored.

It's all about the open floor plan

This kitchen has all the required amenities plus it feels open and airy not stuffed into the house

This is a great example of using wallpaper in the powder room. It's fun and the color ties in with the rest of the house

I love this home office it's so rich with all the dark wood. It's not huge but it is totally functional and has a ton of storage

More of that dark cabinet it echoed in the master bath but they keep it light with the white counters

Love the rich red paired with the light furniture in the basement. The red keeps it warm and less dungeon like


This looks like the perfect city yard to me


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