from fashion to decor

I got bitten by the bug yesterday. Yes the fall fashion bug. It’s 90 degrees outside and the thought of putting a sweater is just awful but then you hit the mall and they have the ac cranked to about 40 degrees so then a sweater doesn’t look so bad. And in Banana Republic they have the sweetest little ruffled cardi in a handful of colors but I was loving the navy, pale blue, grey and cream tones they were working.  Suddenly I am ready for a little crisp weather so I could throw on a cute cardigan without breaking a sweat. Here’s a pic of the sweater  and how it could translate into a beautiful early fall fashion inspired room. Enjoy!

from fashion to decorFashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore

from fashion to decor by mstreet on

Sofa in Clubhouse: Parchment
$2,999 –

New Room + Wall Décor | west elm
$199 –

Chair in Luna: Stone Blue
$899 –

Blue Flame Stitch Pillow | Pieces
$395 –


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