tuesday’s find

Etsy finds

1. Pam Powers– knitted beauties

I love these because the scarves, wraps and hand bags knitted by Pam Powers are the perfect accent to your Fall wardrobe

2. Alexandra Furguson-pretty funny pillows

I love these because the pillows are all made of post consumer recycled felt. Each pillow is the equivalent of 4 plastic bottles.

3.Photosynthetic: perfect pictures

I love these because the abstract photos of rusty items, on a large scale or small these photos could be really interesting.

4. Wiltsie Bridge Country Store: simple touches

I love these because they are fun and have a sense of humor to them. Little accents like this have a place in every home.

5.Bohemiennes: vintage chic

I love these because the shapes are timeless and the neutral fabrics are great for any decor



3 Responses to “tuesday’s find”

  1. Elizabeth Says:

    Love the fun neutral armchair with the butterfly wing top. Where did you find this?


  2. Marie Says:

    Thank you so much for featuring my Etsy shop, Wiltsiebridgecs on your beautiful blog. I now follow your blog for ideas and to find out the new trends.

    Thank you so much and Happy New Year!

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