Before and After

Crazy about this before and after from Things That Inspire. Taking a beautiful but a little builderly beige home and really turning it up a notch with the help of  designer Betty Burgess. The Burgess took a a beautiful design added her own distinctive touches and it was all done in about two months. Yikes!  What was great became grand and what was lovely became lavish. Just love it!

View of the front of the home located in Atlanta.

Courtyard before.

Courtyard after: Gorgeous pool. I especially love the bluestone patio. Something I'm eyeing for my backyard

Kitchen before

Kitchen after: black island, new light fixtures, and some funky accessories make all the difference

Library before

Crazy about the pop of blue in here. Gives it some life amongst all the beige

Living Room before

Living Room after: Really this is about clean crisp walls and some great furniture.

Powder Room before

Powder Room after: Painting the vanity and window trim out black make the countertop and backsplash shine. The paper has great movement and it's so warm


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