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trick or treat

October 29, 2010

Have a great weekend. Mine will be filled with carving, costumes and candy!

Martha Stewart is always who I turn to for a little Holiday inspiration. Her pumpkin carving is unbeliveable. I have a new set of “carving” tools I’m going to try out this year. And some of her templates you can get here

warm and cozy

October 28, 2010

Made our first fire this week.  I love a crackling fire and a stunning fireplace.

1.elle decor 2. here 3. HB 4. Viaamore 5. Lonny 6. Compulsively Compiled 7. Lonny

before and after

October 27, 2010

Lovely little guest bath redo on from Jennifer Boles of Peak of Chic. The old bath clearly had some issues grey tile, green tile and a yellow toilet seat! But Jennifer decided not to give it the gut job but try to make what was there a little better looking. After all it’s was just a guest bath.  Do you need a quick bath redo before the holidays??  Click here for more details via HB.



A dark shade of navy to create a jewel box effect with all the mirror.

an array of architectural prints to disguise the bad walls

A full length shower curtain to disguise the shower and a shirt to disguise the vanity

tuesday’s find

October 26, 2010

A great new collection of fabric and wall coverings from Thibaut called Avalon. Fresh pretty fabrics, vibrant wall coverings and a little geometric pattern that is awfully reminiscent of a David Hicks pattern at at least half the price.

guest rooms

October 25, 2010

Thanksgiving is just around the corner and some of us will have a house full of guests. Think about making your guests feel welcome with a cozy bed with crisp white sheets and a feather bed, fresh fluffy towels and a pretty scented candle.

Overstock has great deals on high thread count sheets. The higher the better. Click here

Overstock has great deals on feather beds too. Click here

I buy all my towels from Costco. They are fluffy, full and fabulous. A 6 piece set of Charisma towels on $37 from Costco. here

Jo Malone has a wonderful variety of scents to choose from click here Lime Basil Mandarin is one of my favorites

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