room for kids

It’s fun to decorate a kids room but it’s easy to make it a little to childish.   Think about laying a base and letting the room evolve as quickly as your kids do. A fun accent wall or a bold bed are perfect places to start. Try not to give it a theme as it can tire easily.

I think the map is a great way to decorate a kids room. It can easily evolve from nursery to big kid to teenager.

via krd

This wood slat wall is a great alternative to wallpaper or paint it can easily evolve with your little one but remains a great point of interest

via Jordan Guide Design

Stripes on the ceiling? I know it’s totally unconventional but who wouldn’t love to go to bed with that above you, it’s kind of like a circus tent.

via dalyessentials

I had a canopy bed a girl and I thought is was just dreamy. This sophisticated room could handle any age.

via designpublic

I love the soft grey walls they just punch up all the bright color.

via material girls

There is something just so sweet and serene about this room. A place where day dreams are happen.

via FE



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