Yes. I did it again. I rearranged my family room/kitchen. I admit I suffer from severe rearrangeritis. But I think now I have got it. A little back story at first it had a TV which drove me crazy because it was ALWAYS on. Then it was a just a sitting area and no one sat there. Then it was a pseudo sitting/eating area but we still sat at the counter (Not really setting the best example for my girls) But now it is the dining room and I love it! I hated the dining room it was a little tight and we sat in there once or twice.  But now there are vaulted ceilings and space. It is quite nice. Candle light dinner the past three nights!  Then I turned the dining room into what I’m calling the “library” reading or relaxing in this room maybe built-ins and a bar someday.  For now I’m loving the change.

But now some empty walls need to be filled.

The "library" Check out the crazy lamps I bought at the Flea. $40 for the pair. I debating a paint job. They are in dire need of need shades! The round marble top table also a flea find this summer $45. I really need some fun drapes.

I saw this picture recently on Southern Living and I suppose I was inspired.

Why not eat right in the middle of your kitchen!

or this

interior divine

country living


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