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A place to relax

January 31, 2011

I wish  I had spent the weekend soaking in tub in a beautiful bathroom like these…

via porchlight

via VTinteriors

via shelter

via shelter

via a perfect grey

Instead I spent the weekend with cute little ladies like these. It was worth it. Happy Monday!


so succulent

January 28, 2011

Plants make such a pretty accessory but only if you have a green thumb. But truth is…it’s dry in Denver very dry and I have real trouble keeping  anything alive.  So I’ve been using succulents as of late around my house. They are WAY easier to keep that a regular ol’ house plant and they look great in little tiny containers.  Care instructions per Martha:

Succulents Care Tips
1. Keep in full sun.(oops. mine aren’t they seem to be fine)
2. Water infrequently — once every 10 days to two weeks.
3. Fertilize sparingly.
4. Succulents can handle temperature fluctuations, but don’t allow them to freeze.

Read more at Succulents 101 – Martha Stewart Home and Garden

Here are mine in the bed and the bath.


January 27, 2011

Canadian House and Home profiles a few of the 2011 reno trends and one of them happened to be an exposed shower?  So hubby lays it bed while you wash that grey right out of your hair?  Now unless you look like (insert favorite body type here) I’m not sure anyone needs to see us shower. Right?  They tout it’s luminescence and room dividing quality. I just say freaky!

Before and After

January 26, 2011

Love this exterior redo of a mid-century classic. Before you can’t even see the place and the hideous brick wall?  I’ll be moving right into to the redone version. Could you get more glamorous!

pictures via Sunset Mag

tuesday’s find

January 25, 2011

Gone are the days of  written invitations and evites are kind of passe. So why not send quick invite or say hello with  Gadabout’s POST app for the iPhone. Such a great idea, I love this!  They have one for the iPad too.