life on a farm

So my husband has this total fantasy to live on a farm. Live simply, live a slower paced life, have lots of little babies running around. He’d be mayor or something of said small town and I could have a cute little antique shop. Sounds tempting right?  I don’t know I never even thought I would anywhere but the east coast 10 years ago. I think I might just go crazy! But I have to say the story of Emersonmade sure is inspiring. And their home is totally lovely!

images via here and here

And here is an amazing farm my honey sent me that to tempt me to live the simple life. hmmm

for more images and info click here


4 Responses to “life on a farm”

  1. Megan Han Says:

    I don’t know, Megan, looks pretty tempting. I have all thoughts about being a city family forever but these could actually turn me into a country girl!

    • mstreetdenver Says:

      Super tempting. This isn’t exactly roughing it! Then day four comes along and you are wondering what to do with yourself. Read? Talk to somebody in person? Now that’s just crazy.

  2. kelley Says:

    where is my farm? Nice living….but so far away ; (

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