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Happy Weekend!

April 22, 2011

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend. Hope you get to spend time with your families and hunt for easter eggs. I myself will be doing a dash of work and hopefully I’ll get to do a little relaxing too! Happy Weekend!

style at home

the capiz pendant

April 21, 2011

Love this light fixture. Looks great on or off. Only wish I had some where to put it. Get it here


ah ha! and it’s less expensive sister exists.

Island Woods Lotus Flower Pendant $162.25

get it here

living low

April 20, 2011

When I lived in DC the basement apartment was just another way to max out the use of a row house. Some were pretty scary and dark but others had wood floors and soft paint that made them a cozy place to live. I love this quaint basement apartment I’d be happy to call home.

house and home

tuesday’s find!!

April 19, 2011

Well it looks like the house that I staged is about to close next week so let me know if there any items that you might like so I don’t have to lug them all back to my garage! Or do you need a house staged? This one went under contract in 8 days!  A photo refresher below. Contact me about specific pieces and I’ll let you know pricing.

Some Happenings

April 18, 2011

Just when you think there wasn’t another way I could rearrange a room ….well there is!

It’s been this

And this

And now this. Of course this is my favorite but who knows how I will feel in a few months. Ha!  Not sure there is another place in my house for this gigantic piece my Mom so graciously let me have.  So it may just have to stay this way for a while. I love it!  As a wise man once said a good house in never done. Happy Monday!