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it’s here!!

July 28, 2011

So I haven’t gone yet because I am very scared of the droves of people that will be setting a pilgramage to Ikea but I am very excited it’s finally here. I haven’t set foot in Ikea in about 15 years. In fact it is one of the famous stories my husband likes to tell about how much he loved me when we were first dating as I dragged him to Ikea in Jersey City while all his friends were enjoying beers in NYC watching basketball. He claims to this day that he almost broke up with me as we traveled along the VERY long yellow path leading you through the ENTIRE store only to get the the end and find a mile long check out. It’s wasn’t just basektball it was Duke vs North Carolina basketball. Whata trooper!

So as you snake the long yellow path thing outside the box with Ikea. Yes these are Ikea transformed items. Don’t just put it together!


and Afer:


details here








back to back

July 27, 2011

some people….not me, have enough room in their home to have not one but two seating areas. Which affords the back to back sofa deal. I like it. Very Chic. And you?

Windsor Smith is a big fan of this look

hereor just make a double ended sofa! hereherehere

tuesday’s find

July 26, 2011

Hey hey! Got some new pillows for sale. Here’s the scoop. I opted not to do any retail space I just couldn’t make the numbers work so some day…TBD I will have a store. Till then I’m happy to use my blog as a way to offer you pillows and so much more. Ha! So let me know if there is something you like. Pillows are easy to ship, larger items I can provide local delivery. Enjoy!

2 22″square red multi funky pillows with contrast welt. Inserts included. $130 for the pair.

lighting with some impact

July 25, 2011

Check out these amazing light fixtures surely they have to be vintage or custom. Boy do they make serious impact in the this room. I love it!


before and after weekend project

July 22, 2011

No I will no be attempting this before and after this weekend. But I thought it could serve as some good inspiration for you!  I may have some other tricks up m sleeve hmmmm. Happy Weekend!