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tuesday’s find

November 29, 2011

I found it! The best darn site for presents! Haymarket Designs is a chic collection of décor accessories for your home, 
all hand-painted. Crafted of age-old hand painted tole, Haymarket’s creations have traditional, Southern style with a functional,modern edge that makes them so unique.  Love them all!! Hurry the Christmas cutoff is December 1st. Get them here

Love these fabulous monogramed trays


Charming picutre frames

Trellis trays

Leopard phones cases

Waste Baskets... not sure a trash can constitues a good Xmas gift but it could be a pretty house warming


tissue boxes

And if anyone that wants to buy me a gift ...wink wink. this is one of my favorites!!

Decked out!

November 28, 2011

Well almost. Every time I’m ready to pull all the Christmas decorations out I’m so excited then I realize I’m in need of some new goodies as some of these are 10 plus years old and fake evergreens start to look sad and who the hell can figure out which light is making the whole strand go out!  I also promise myself I’m going to hit the after Christmas sales for next year but I’m already on to the next holiday come December 26th. Ha! So here’s where I am…

I love this tree. It’s white  with silver and turquoise ornaments. It matches all my current decor and what’s better than that! It also satisfies the itch to put a tree up the day after Thanksgiving. Then we put a real one in the living room.

I’m also in love with this wreath. The pic does not do it justice. So pretty it may need to stay up year round!

I have a spare terrarium right now that I filled with Christmas balls and a few little ornaments

Awww! Even my sweet new little pooch got a bow. Ha!

the mantle got a little garland to but I really need new stockings. The old ones are red knit ones I got forever ago.

I love the sweet little details on these

get them here

I love these stripes! get them here on etsy too

Seriously though I may need to make some. Not finding anything I love. Stay tuned…

Happy Weekend

November 11, 2011

Hope you get to read a little here…As the new Lonny is chock full of holiday gift ideas.

Hope you get to shop a little here, and here Because Friends and Family discounts are in full swing!

Hope you get to cook little, here is one of my favorite recipes. Can’t wait for her Cookbook to come out too!

Happy Weekend!

plugging along

November 9, 2011

Trying to SQUEEZE five days into three this week as it’s another short week around the Kane house. Do I sound like an old person when I complain that I never had so many days off of school? I walked to school and didn’t wear a helmet and played outside by myself and I turned out fine?

tuesday’s find

November 8, 2011

Is it to early to decorate?  I just took my Halloween stuff down this weekend and I have a few neighbors that have Christmas stuff already. Weird?  Are you totally into the Christmas spirit too?  I must say I have to wait but I up early the day after Thanksgiving decking the halls. I love it!

Wisteria has some beautiful decorations this year

Take aways the greens this stuff will work year round. I love this look right up my alley!

sunburst on a stand


Chartres Catherdral Mirror 


Turned Wood Candlestick 

Antiqued Glass Fineal Set