a few details I love

Check out this details. I think they make a big impact in making these rooms look truly custom

The greek key trim on the roman shades are lovely. You could so easily achieve this look with a simple white fabric and any colored trim. You could even apply this to a ready made shade!

Adding a bullion or any trim for that matter is a great way to give a stock sofa a custom look. This sofa has a long bullion fringe in blue to pull the rom together

Unexpected tile on the wall. At first glance you might think that this tile works best on the floor but I think it has an amazing impact on the walls. The glass floating shelves let the walls shine!  Now don’t go crazy think this look works well in a single wall not all over.

Make a funky space fun. I love how this little niche was transformed into a dressing table.  Take a quirky little spot in your home and make it functional.

Don’t forget the ceiling. Paint, Wallpaper, Stencils…It’s such a good place to show some personality in the room. Bold or subtle it all works


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