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Take me away

January 23, 2012

Ahh! I just love this simple Cape Cod style retreat off the coast of Nova Scotia. It looks so relaxing and picturesque even on a cloudy day. I’m sure it’s the perfect place to escape the hub bub of everyday life. The interior space is simple and soothing in lovely shades of gray and blue.  What a wonderful place to escape…Is this post telling of me weekend! Ha!

Room of the week

January 20, 2012

 I love the masculine feel of this room. I must be in  mood this week. If I was dating a guy who decorated his house like this I’d be in LOVE!  But then we would have to break up because he would have to much say in what our house looked like. Ha! I love my slient husband. I mean come on I’m the expert right! 

cement tiles

January 19, 2012

The Foundary has some amazing cement tiles for sale that I’m drooling over. I’d love to buy them for my foyer which has a red mexican restaurant tile right now. Not good. These beautiful tiles are all hand made with pigment dyes to create amazing, vibrant colors. They are great so small spots like foyers, backsplashed and small bathrooms too.





Dark and Stormy

January 18, 2012

It is going to be anything but dark and stormy around here the next few days. Upper 50’s and sunny for the next 5 days in fact.  But this home just gave me a dark and stormy vibe but in the most beautiful way. I love the masculine tones and the wonderful patina on the vintage pieces.  Happy Hump Day!

The home was designed by Jimmy Stanton of Stanton Home furnishings in Atlanta’s Foxhall development. More photos here

tuesday’s find

January 17, 2012…Well what?  It says it in the name. Posters and canvases are cheap and easy on this site. Order up your art for bedroom, bath and study with a few clicks. Yes this place is located across the pond but the shipping is super reasonable and quick too.  Remember art is a very subjective thing so go with what you love!

Picassco but this would loove great in a silver frame

Gabriella Benevolenza

Jeff Cathrow Escalier do Montmartre 

Georg Wolfgang Knorr – Althaea Rosea