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Snap shots

July 23, 2012

Of a house I’m working on….

The Living Room got a beautiful coat of dark blue paint on the ceilings and walls contrasted but a white sofa and dramatic light fixture. Love this room more at night!

We made slipcovers for the chairs, added new lights, sideboard and accessories. My favorite is the wallpapered ceiling.

Paint, drapes, bedding, accessories and recovering these chairs in a fun green trellis.

We used wallpaper again here on one wall in the daughters room, drapes and funky headboard. Such a great place for a girly girl. 

Clean Sweep

July 20, 2012

What so you do when it’s hotter that Haiti outside? Stay inside and organize the heck out of your house. So yes it is that time of year again for a quarterly clean sweep. I’m not saying that I’m that organized but I try and sometimes every closet needs a good de-cluttering. I also do something called a toy dump where we put every single toy in a pile and sort by category. If there is a piece missing or you are broken sorry you get the boot but it helps me keep the kids stuff under control. Start at one end of the house and work your way to the other and come Monday your are as calm as it gets!

I love a well organized fridge!!

Caitlin Wilson home tour

July 19, 2012

Caitlin Wilson was recently featured in Matchbook Magazine. Such a treat to get a glimpse of this creative and entrepreneurial Mama’s home and office. Love it!


This or That?

July 18, 2012

Ok so summer time always leaves me wanting a little place to escape on the weekends. Throw some jeans and a swim suit in a bag and hit the road. A place that you have a few friends out and it ends up being a weekend you never want to end. BUT….here is the question.  Secluded place in the woods with a view of the mountains and maybe a cool lake to dip in or A beach front bungalow with walking distance to town? So torn!


tuesday’s find

July 17, 2012

Was in Nordstrom the other day a lovely sales women talked me into buying a pair of Comando underwear. The are laser cut at the seams so you don’t get any lines.  They  are amazing!! I wore them with my yoga pants. Not a single line and they don’t ride up. Lot’s of great patterns from plain to polka dot.