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Happy Halloween!

October 31, 2012

Today will be a crazy candy filled day!  My girls were up early, ready to hit the bricks and beg for sugary treats.

Love these creative costumes from Oh Happy Day!


October 26, 2012

Ahhh! Love this nursery that is all over Pinterest. It’s so simple and the antithesis of the traditional nursery. The combo of cream, pink and navy are perfection. Love brassy accents, contemporary chair mixed with a vintage dresser.

images here


October 24, 2012

Ahhhhh! I’m on week two of pink eye rotating around the house. No matter how much I disinfect the house that little virus is busy dirtying the path  just cleaned. It’s driving me nuts! I’d just like to dip the whole darn place in a bucket of bleach. My kids are typically healthy (knock on wood) I’m hoping that this is not a precursor to the cold season. Flu shots stat!

Not just another day

October 22, 2012

So I’ll be putting an 8 after the 3 tomorrow and tick tock tick tock 2 more years closer to the big 40. Yes it’s my birthday tomorrow and I’m not a big birthday person. I’m not sure why…It’s your day right? But I guess I feel a little narcissistic about the whole thing. I do think its hilarious how your birthday wish list changes from pretty to practical. I asked my mom for a microwave today? How boring is that!

Three things that are totally impractical but I would love for my Birthday.

The Howard sofa form Jayson Home and Garden. My children jump in the sofa I have now. I would have a heart attack if they jumped on thisone. One day I WILL upgrade.

An office studio space outside my home. Now don’t get me wrong I have an amazing workspace at home. Space, a view the whole thing. But one day I would love to reclaim my sunroom as a sunroom.

A little French getaway. I’d love to escape to Paris for a few days. Spend the day exploring and getting inspired and having a little time away with my husband at night. Perfect!

Ginger Jars

October 19, 2012

I’m trying to amass a collection of ginger jars, I have quite a few right now but not all are the blue and white variety as they are much harder to come by and they are quite pricey at times. The history of blue and white porcelain can be traced back to the Tang Dynasty.  One might think that a ginger jar is used to hold ginger, true, but, throughout history, ginger jars have been used the way people in modern society use canisters. They were used to hold spices, salt and oils. Some ginger jars were designated as gifts for the emperor, and some were used as urns.

Oh and I think this is my ticket to the cobalt factor in my house. I recently stumbled on the Pink Pagoda site that has some great options.