Not just another day

So I’ll be putting an 8 after the 3 tomorrow and tick tock tick tock 2 more years closer to the big 40. Yes it’s my birthday tomorrow and I’m not a big birthday person. I’m not sure why…It’s your day right? But I guess I feel a little narcissistic about the whole thing. I do think its hilarious how your birthday wish list changes from pretty to practical. I asked my mom for a microwave today? How boring is that!

Three things that are totally impractical but I would love for my Birthday.

The Howard sofa form Jayson Home and Garden. My children jump in the sofa I have now. I would have a heart attack if they jumped on thisone. One day I WILL upgrade.

An office studio space outside my home. Now don’t get me wrong I have an amazing workspace at home. Space, a view the whole thing. But one day I would love to reclaim my sunroom as a sunroom.

A little French getaway. I’d love to escape to Paris for a few days. Spend the day exploring and getting inspired and having a little time away with my husband at night. Perfect!

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