Let the gifting begin!

Whoa sorry I have been out of the loop the past few weeks! I went on a great trip and had a very wonderful Thanksgiving. Fill you in on that next week. This week nothing but gift ideas! Did any of you brave the malls or small businesses this weekend? I did not partake. I had a mean stomach bug and spent most of the weekend on lock down…which helps you keep up on Pinterest đŸ™‚

Today 5 things you can totally DIY for that special someone. Honestly sit in front of Bravo and DIY. I love the multitask!

Sharpie embellished ramekins. Now I wouldn’t take these back into the kitchen but I think they would make a cute ring dish for the bath or bedroom.

more how to here

Chic iron on monogrammed napkins (you can find tons of iron ons at Hobby Lobby)

Color up that old gold bracelet. I’d love to get this!

Personally doodled journals. I love this. I could just sit around and doodle on the front of these journals and how nice to get something so personal. Love!

A little higher on the difficulty scale but love these braided scarves made from t-shirts

get the whole how to –here


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