A day in the life

Have you been watching Million Dollar Decorators? This show is so damn comical. I know I have a connection to it but I’m sure it strike a cord with all of you too.

The face of bewilderment on Michael was fantastic when MLB said I’m going to redecorate. I love it!


I played the scene for Austin hoping  he would appreciate that I’m not the only one that likes to redecorate once I have completed a look.

The devil redecorator himself


And my most favorite line on the show was Mary McDonald

“People just need to get out of the way after they hire you so you can do what you do best”

Oh to be that frank. I try to be pretty darn honest about what I do and do not like because that’s why you hired me right?

On a different not these sweet chicks got a pink room week ago. I’m calling it the bird’s nest because they all have decided they want to sleep in the same room. Sure why not? I hear them up at night giggling and chatting it’s quite sweet. Letting it ride while it lasts.



Lot’s to do in here still but I love the soft pink and the leopard rug.  I free handed little stars on the wall too

here’s the tester


the inspiration from wallpaper


You can barely see the star on the wall but I it looks great in different lights because the sheen was a little shiney.  I love it!


If you have kids to they sleep with 8 million little animals and if one is missing! Ugh!



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