Fresh Start

Still waiting for my fresh start to start….3 kids at home still not back to school till Tuesday!  My oh my it has been a long and lazy break and getting anything done while those sweet little ladies around has not happened. But it has been fun for all of us.

So I know everyone has talked about their fresh starts and resolutions last week but honestly mine will not kick in till Feb 1st


This one is a huge on for me …no home improvements for 1 year. Yes that is a 365 days and I’m not allowed to do anything. I PROMISED my very sweet husband I would let it be for a year as he is going nuts with my constant moving and changing.  SO  I’ve been crazed getting things done because my deadline is Jan 31 and then pencils down for a year. Do you think I can make it?

here’s some wallpaper in the girls playroom that has been done recently



Get a dog

Ha! Yes get a dog was one of my things to do in 2013

This going to take some serious arm twisting as my husband is not on board but I have a year to wear him down right?




entertain more.

We never had people over last year “oh my house is not perfect” and it never will be.  So my goal one dinner party every six weeks. Ambitious?

May all my table settings be this gorgeous



take care of myself

I know this is such a common resolution but as I tick tock tick tock closer to 40 it’s time to grow up a bit. So I’m going to try to usher out the wild nights and usher in the yoga class, massage or manicure too.

Wish me luck!



take it up a notch

Take my business to the next level…where ever that maybe?  I’m still brainstorming where I want it to go in the next twelve months but I have a few ideas that I’m very excited about and hopefully as they come to fruition I will share them with you.



learn to speak french

I bought my husband a learn to speak French cd system for Christmas  but I think I may steal it and learn myself

Oui! An follow up with a trip to Paris next year?



hit the road

Promising to take the little ladies on the road this summer. We live in such a beautiful state and I would love to explore it a little more.  Road trip!



be more organized!

Doesn’t everyone has this one as well? I’m pretty organized but I feel like my office can gets away from me sometimes so the idea is to hire the right people to keep me in order. Have them take over the things I hate to do.



experience something new.

Once a month I have vowed to check out a someplace new… a new bar, a new bike path a new movie. Once a month go out an try something new. Going to see the remake of  The Great Gastby it on the list for sure!



relax and be present

Since I spent the past two weeks recouping after being totally spent from the 2012 year so rather than collapsing at the end of the year I’m vowing to stop and take time for me and my family. I’m going to be present for them and live in the now and rather than worrying about what’s next


I think I like where this year is going…


3 Responses to “Fresh Start”

  1. Heather Says:

    Love this list! Ambitious for sure, but also seems like going in the right direction, and I can relate.

  2. mstreetdenver Says:

    Thanks Heather!!!

  3. Jolene Says:

    I agree – great list! And I too am looking forward to the Great Gatsby!

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