I’m Loving

I love this hat! I love to wear hats too think they are fun. You? It’s always a little akward when you go inside. Do I take it off while rolling the isles of Target or do I look like I’m going to rob the place?


Everything is so BROWN here. I’m nervous things are not going to come back this spring or my water bill if going to be a bazilion dollars!  I’m craving a little colored vegetation


I can’t get enough of this glossy green kitchen by Bailey of Peppermint Bliss featured in the latest issue of Matchbook 

Such a risk to make the move from white to green but it totally pays off, Girl got guts!



The bun. Who on earth would have thought the bun would be popular?  I do love this fad although I’m kind of struggling with it though not so good at pulling off the oh I just threw this up look. I think my hair is too short and my bun it too small for my head!

ca1a546b3085b73a42a3a3ff90bd85a0Ok so here’s my healthy 2 cents as I’m trying here in 2013. avocado and kale salad. Yum! Tip: spoon the avocado into some chopped kale and work it in with your hands then add the res of you salad fixins. Makes all the difference!



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