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Alexa Hampton

September 19, 2012

I was lucky enough to attend an event yesterday with Alexa Hampton talking about her new book the Language of Interior Design.

This woman was so endearing and down to earth it was refreshing. (Trust me there is a whole lot of snobbery in the business) The way she talked about her projects, family and her rearranging ways was so funny and informative. She outlined the four major elements of design-contrast, proportion, color, and balanceĀ and how they related through her projects. In addition to her book she was there to showcase her collection of furnishings she designed for Hickory ChairĀ . Beautiful leggy, curvy tables, chairs and upholstery pieces that are an updated take on traditional.

This is my favorite home that is featured in her book. An all white escape in the Hamptons. Who wouldn’t love it!

And two stand out pieces from Hickory Chair collection.