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Room of the week

January 20, 2012

 I love the masculine feel of this room. I must be in  mood this week. If I was dating a guy who decorated his house like this I’d be in LOVE!  But then we would have to break up because he would have to much say in what our house looked like. Ha! I love my slient husband. I mean come on I’m the expert right! 

the antler

November 8, 2010

I think this accessory can be fun but only in the right setting or application. ie: Don’t plaster you walls in antlers. What do you think…Freaky or Cool?

I love how this adds a little sculpture to the wall of art

bordering on a little overkill

I wonder if you would come home and start hanging things all over this. Like "I'll just put me keys here so I don't lose them" I would totally do that.

That's where I left my resusable grocery bags and dog leash and bounty of crap. Ok so lets not coat the thing in junk. Keep it simple and it works.

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