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March 1, 2012

I love how overscaled all the items are in this foyer. The lamp, the pot of grass, basket and most of all the mirror.  It just works.


Pretty drapes and some snow

February 3, 2012

Ha! You have got to love when the second story on the Today show is the snow in Colorado. I love it! It’s Friday they kids are so excited and I actually have an excuse to stay home and do paper work all day and not feel guilty!

Here’s where we are at 8:30AM and It’s supposed to snow till tomorrow AM.

On another note here’s a pretty house that I have been working on. Finally installed these pretty hand drapes in the dining room. The previous set was in the incorrect fabric…Those ended up in MY dining room. Let’s just say mistakes happen. Fortunately the mistakes fit perfectly in to my house. Phew!

The fabric is Galbraith and Paul. A company out of Philly that hand blocks the patterns n the fabric. It is such a beautiful pattern and an amazing process.

This chandelier from MADE GOODS is insanely gorgeous in person!

Here’s the Living room still a work in progress too.

These drapes are gorgeous too. Sorry my pics are doing any of this justice

These chairs we bought from a shop in LA had them shipped in and recovered the seats.

Very cool painting from a local gallery and a velvet pouff

Very cool painting from a local gallery and a velvet pouf

The shape of this sofa from Cisco Bros is fabulous. I sooo wish I had one.


Here’s the site for Galbriath and Paul they have a new spring line out I’m dying to incorporate into a project. They have fabrics, wallpaper, rugs and are probably most well know for their lighting line at Room and Board.

Made Goods has also just come out with some new spring products too. I could really get into that greeny blue they are using!

The sofa and pouf in the project above are from Cisco Brothers, a really cool company in LA that is uses sustainable practices to make their furniture. They have unique pieces with great shapes and a line of fabrics that goes for miles. I love this company!

* Any of the above products are available through M Street please contact me if you are interested*

pink and navy

January 11, 2012

Toying with the idea of a pink and navy room for one of my girls. I have all the pink, in the form of toile duvet but thinking some navy could be just what the doctor ordered. Sounds perfectly preppy!

a few details I love

January 9, 2012

Check out this details. I think they make a big impact in making these rooms look truly custom

The greek key trim on the roman shades are lovely. You could so easily achieve this look with a simple white fabric and any colored trim. You could even apply this to a ready made shade!

Adding a bullion or any trim for that matter is a great way to give a stock sofa a custom look. This sofa has a long bullion fringe in blue to pull the rom together

Unexpected tile on the wall. At first glance you might think that this tile works best on the floor but I think it has an amazing impact on the walls. The glass floating shelves let the walls shine!  Now don’t go crazy think this look works well in a single wall not all over.

Make a funky space fun. I love how this little niche was transformed into a dressing table.  Take a quirky little spot in your home and make it functional.

Don’t forget the ceiling. Paint, Wallpaper, Stencils…It’s such a good place to show some personality in the room. Bold or subtle it all works

tuesday’s find

January 4, 2012

Got the new Serena and Lily  catalog yesterday and totally loving some of their new pieces.

The Charing Cross Rug is a graphic and I love the marine color way

Love these natural area rugs. Very cozy for a bedroom.

Chic hammered brass sconces

pretty vibrant, glossy, pendants with a polka dot liner yes!

Sleek and simple. This pretty console is very versatile.

This table has a such a great vintage vibe.