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life’s a beach

April 23, 2010

Having a lovely time here in Vero Beach.  Sunny, eighty degrees and my skin is hydrated. Yeah!  I’m supposed to be relaxing but you can’t take the real estate agent out of me.  My Dad and I have been discussing the market since I got here and I love it!  We took a drive in a charming area near the Rio Mar golf club.  Giant mangrove trees drape a cross the streets, all the homes were painted beautiful colors you could only get away with at the beach and they had crunchy gravels driveways. Ah! I wish I could hop on a beach cruiser and never leave. Here are a few home I think could work. Happy weekend!

There was yellow, peach, pink but his was my favorite color with a hunter green door. This home is listed at $649,000 with 3 bedroom 3 baths pool. Not bad.

This house is a little bit more expensive $1.9 million to be exact. It's on a road called Painted Bunting Lane. Hmmm. interesting

I could totally get into this backyard, Vodka tonic anyone?

Love this little cottage. Ha! $1,895,000

And this for $1,995,000

We're going up $2.1 million

Not sure this is the kitchen of a $2.1 million dollar home but I like wallpaper and the butcher block counters

$1,495,000 for this yellow honey.

I have to admit this was a my favorite I'm a sucker for a fixer upper $799,000.

Neighborhood Profile-Arapahoe Acres

January 15, 2010

I love this neighborhood it was recently profiled in Metropolitan Home as post war era collection of homes that have put on the National Register of Historic Places.  It is made up of only 124 homes that span from Marion to Franklin and Dartmouth to Bates just across the Englewood line south of Denver.  The lots are typically over 6000 square feet and the homes range from 1100-3000 square feet.  It is truly for the mid-century modern enthusiast.  (Which I’ve got on my list of home styles I would like to remodel)  It is so unique to the Metro area especially as you cross the line into the neighborhood out of the rambled ranch style a few blocks away.  It seems like it could be a real close-knit community.  Most of the renovations appear to come from a true appreciation of the time period and updated with restraint and respect.  If you are out and about this weekend check it out you will not be disappointed.  If  you are a mid-century mod fan grab your check book a FOR SALE sign is typically hard to find