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April 26, 2013

Are you missing Ms Mary MacDonald? She has some words of wisdom she shared with Ok! Magazine on how to transition your home from winter to spring.  I’m sooo rolling up my wool living room rug!


Are you in a DIY mood this weekend? Love the idea of trying the faux zinc finish on a dresser, table ect. ect. It looks great! Unfolded blog has all the details


Incase you have missed it Kate Young, stylists to the stars, debuted  her clothing line for Target last week. It’s sleek and sultry with a girly flair. I picked up this dress in the black version. Think it will be a total staple in my wardrobe this summer!


noteworthy links

April 19, 2013

Hope you are looking forward to a wonderful weekend as much as I am. Mine is packed not one but two dinners with friends. A little lot of” me” time. Facial, massage and yoga! And I have a stack of new magazines I can’t wait to read.

If you are looking for some insightful things to read this weekend.

Check out

1.Camille Styles tell us how she GSD on Meg Biram’s blog I love how she has a works a 4 hour day. Right up my alley!


2.If you are a lover of all thing French too, you must check out

Paris in 4 Months

A pictorial diary of Carrin Olsson’s time in Paris. It stunning!


3.Do you love an organized fridge? I’m kind of fanatical about it

Sqwakfox tells you where is all goes to stay in it bet shape. Good to know!


5.As a newly turned leaf I’m trying not to eat dairy which isn’t awful, not much to miss. But who doesn’t love a little ice cream?

I’ve been making a frozen banana coconut concoction which is great. But I’m looking forward to trying this strawberry version from the primal home!

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